sunday, monday and tuesday I was out of film in chicago
2019 | 6 min | super 8 | color and b&w | silent

The filmmaker wondered what the difference would be between shooting this grey scenery in the snow with expired color film and with the black and white, while she looked through the window in a museum. As the Costa Rican artist Federico Herrero’s installation, Alphabet (2018), creates a landscape with color blocks, what landscape she would create with the two rolls of film.

The film is shot and hand-processed with two rolls of film: a roll of Tri-X and Ektachrome G.

to watch:

︎selected screenings and exhibitions
Cine experimental en 8 mm, AREA, Lumiton museo del cine usina audiovisua, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2019)
Cine experimental en 8 mm, Kino Palais, Buenois Aires, Argentina (2019)
8mm Experimental Cinema, Al's Cinematique, Brooklyn, NY (2019)