camera rolls
16mm 100 ft roll in-camera editing + hand processing

first draft
16mm to digital | 3min | b&w | sound | 2017

This split screen film is a note on my recent readings as a self-realization. 

rainy dog
16mm to digital | 3min | b&w | silent | 2017

Everything was not planned. We started the day, in a New York basement, watching a Japanese cult film, Rainy Dog, which was shot in Taipei, my hometown. Hand-processed and solarized the film to hide the anxiety of unsureness.
16mm to digital | 3min | b&w | silent | 2017

Inspired by Jonas Mekas's essay, The Diary Film, this film raises a question of what a person is looking at out of the window. The three-act structure gradually reveals that the focus was drawn to the domestic life of the Asian neighborhood - a visual connection to the hometown.
take a walk
16mm to digital | 3min | b&w | sound | 2018

today i took a walk alone
around the theater we hung out
next to a Chinese funeral house