A Short History 短短的歷史
2017 | 3 min 6 sec | 16mm dual projection |  color and b&w |  silent

An anonymous narrator recalls historical events as they forms and collapses their national identity. The film shifts back and forth between two reels of 16mm found footage.

to watch: https://vimeo.com/246212365

︎selected screenings and exhibitions:
Cyprus Contemporary Film Centre: Found Footage Works (2019)
On the Way to the Moon, True Turn Festival (2019)
2018 Taiwan Biennial: Children on the edge of itchy-tectonics: Taiwanese New Experimental Films, Wild Rhizome, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (2018)
Start From Scratch, Not Two Steps Back: An Evening with Simon Liu, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong (2018)
The Poetic is Political, The Film-Makers’ Cooperative (2018)
Designed Reminiscence Vol.1 , Brooklyn, NY (2018)
Unruly Archives, The Film-Makers’ Cooperative (2018)
Escape & Connect, Indie Street Film Festival (2018)